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Dust Control: Dust Control Truck

Roadwise Dust Control

Roadwise controls dust, reduces Potholes, Washboards and cuts cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation, and living areas.

How Does Liquid Magnesium Chloride Work?

Roadwise uses an environmentally-friendly Magnesium Chloride-based liquid mixture that attracts moisture to the road surface and resists evaporation. This creates a compact, smooth road surface that is free of dust.

A single application of liquid magnesium chloride lasts for months, and will rid you of the problems associated with:

  • Dust contamination to nearby crops
  • PM 10 pollution
  • Clogged filters, bearings, and other vehicle machinery
  • Injury from flying stones and loose gravel
  • Impaired vision due to kicked-up dust
  • Breathing and allergy problems

One application normally lasts the season. No more costs associated with watering or blading the ground, or replacing gravel!

Reduction of Construction Dust

Construction sites constantly receive complaints about dust pollution, contamination, and respiratory aggravation. Not anymore after a Roadwise treatment!

A Construction Site Without Roadwise Treatment
Notice the overabundance of dust Dust Control: Dust Control Construction Site Before
A Construction Site After Roadwise Treatment
No dust leaves the ground Dust Control: Dust Controlled Construction Site After

Where Does MgCl2 Come From?

MgCl2 is a liquid compound produced from naturally-occurring minerals in the Great Salt Lake.

How Does Liquid Dust Control Lower My Costs?

  • It reduces the need for blading, watering, and gravel replacement
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance costs by lowering the levels of dust that clogs filters, bearings, and machinery
  • Provides a smooth, firm driving surface which increases productivity, decreases fuel consumption, and saves time.
  • Prevents costly soil erosion caused by destructive wind conditions
  • Reduced the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation, and living sites
  • Reduces replacement expenses of windshields by controlling gravel spray in business yard locations

How Does It Improve Safety?

  • Improves visibility, reducing the chance of accidents
  • Reduces chance of injury from flying stones and loose gravel around a work site
  • Provides cleaner air, cleaner vehicles, and cleaner homes
  • Promotes better health and fewer complaints

Dust Control: Dust Controlled Construction Site

Who uses Magnesium Chloride Liquid Dust Control?

With the cost of maintaining gravel or dirt roads and air pollution concerns, many Federal, State, County, City agencies, along with private Industries have been forced to look for alternative means. Rodeo arenas, baseball fields, parks, construction sites, and gravel or dirt roads are also prime candidates for Roadwise dust control.

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