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Ice Control: Icy Road

Roadwise De-Icer & Anti-Icer

Magnesium Chloride Used as a De-icer / Anti-icer

Whether you are applying MgCl2 as a de-icer on top of ice to melt it, or applying to roadway to prevent ice as an anti-icer, Roadwise has your solution. MgCl2 is long-lasting, all natural, and effective in ice control.

How Does Roadwise De-Icer Work?

The MgCl2 breaks up the bonds of ice to deter its formation. It also binds to the natural elements on the road to keep ice melted for the maximum amount of time, and give the best traction for vehicles.

Use as an Anti-Icer

Our MgCl2 mixture can be sprayed down on the road surface before a storm, or immediately after plowing to stop the bonding of ice and stops snowpack.

Use as a De-Icer

Mixed together with road salt or sand, MgCl2 acts as a catalyst to melt ice faster and stay on the road longer. No other process works faster or longer. Your crew will also be helping the environment by complying with PM10 regulations.

Use as a Pile Mix-in

Treating the pile of sand or salt with Roadwise MgCl2 keeps the pile from hardening under extreme weather conditions. Once used on the roads, it has the same de-icing effect to quickly, and more effectively better the road conditions for your community, customers, and family.

Roadwise Inc. uses a Magnesium Chloride-based mixture that is environmentally safe and extremely effective at keeping roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots free from ice. No more high costs of plowing, salting, or shoveling. One application lasts for as long as the mixture stays on the road.

Who uses Magnesium Chloride Liquid Deicer?

A number of state highway departments throughout the country have decreased the use of rock salt and sand on roadways and have increased the use of liquid magnesium chloride as anti-icer or de-icer. Roadwise, Inc. has been supplying Washington and Idaho DOT, Spokane City and County, along with many more city, state and county agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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