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Roadwise: Dusty Road

Why Should You Choose Roadwise?

Why Should You Choose Roadwise?

Roadwise provides:

  • Smooth, firm driving surface which increases vehicle productivity, decreases fuel consumption and saves time.
  • Cleaner air, cleaner vehicles, cleaner homes and promotes better health
  • Improved visibility, reducing chance of accidents

Roadwise prevents:

  • Pot holes and washboards
  • Costly expenses associated with reblading and gravel replacement
  • Costly soil erosion caused by destructive wind

Roadwise reduces:

  • Need for blading, watering and gravel replacement
  • Vehicle maintenance cost by lowering levels of dust that clog filters, bearings and machinery.
  • Cost of cleaning vehicle, equipment, property, vegetation and living site.
  • Chance of injury from flying stones and loose gravel

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