Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnesium Chloride?

MgCl2 is a naturally-occurring mineral found in the Great Salt Lake.

How does liquid magnesium chloride suppress the dust?

This naturally-occurring mineral is hygroscopic, which continuously absorbs moisture from the air, literally traps water and locks it in. This unique reaction stabilizes dirt surfaces, and, in turn, suppresses dust, The result is a hard-packed, dust-free road.

How much does it cost/save?

"Cost Analysis shows a 30-46% reduction in total annual maintenance cost for treated test sections over the untreated test section.", Magnesium Chloride also saves you money because there is "a 42-61% reduction in total aggregate loss when unpaved roads are treated".

  • Other interesting facts from that study: "Dust measurement data indicate that there is a substantial reduction in fugitive dust emission with application of chemical dust suppressants (50-70% reduction)" or in other words "the use of magnesium chloride reduced fugitive dust emission form the unpaved roadways by 50-70%
  • "Of the nearly 4 million miles of road network in the continental U.S., it is estimated that about 65% are unpaved" (Eaton, et al., 1988)
  • According to air pollution studies, nearly 34% of the particulate matter in the atmosphere originated from unpaved roads nation wide, making unpaved roads one of the major man-made sources of fugitive dust (Barnard et al., 1992)

Where does magnesium chloride come from?

Liquid Magnesium Chloride is produced through solar evaporation from the Great Salt Lake.

Is magnesium chloride environmentally safe?

Not only is magnesium chloride approved by the EPA but it is also used in used in several environmentally sensitive areas such as U.S. Forest roads. Furthermore, magnesium chloride can help companies comply with PM-10 regulations, provide clean air, cleaner vehicles, cleaner homes, and promotes better health.

Does magnesium chloride hurt animals or is it harmful?

No. Not only is MgCl2 non-toxic, but it actually helps prevent airborne diseases.

How long does Roadwise liquid dust control last?

One application typically lasts the entire season for dust control. For ice control, one application will last as long as the mixture is on the road.

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